Friday, August 29, 2008

Quiet, but no peace

My backyard has been as quiet as a morgue for the last few days. Maybe that's because it has become one. There have been no birds chirping early in the morning to let me know that the feeders are dangerously low and the bird bath is out of water. The two seed feeders had required filling every day (using one 25 pound bag a week) and sometimes there would be over a hundred birds of all kinds either perched in the wild roses or eating the spilled seeds off the ground.

It all came to a screeching halt three days ago. Instead of finding empty feeders I found two piles of feathers. My first instinct was to blame the cat that has been lurking around and has been the target of my chucked rocks. (Yeah, I... love... cats....) But that gray cat escaped the dreaded trap when a neighbor told me he had seen one of these guys out hunting for lunch, probably to take home to it's babies. It is a sparrow hawk and the photo was taken last year before the fence was taken down.

I know it is the "natural order" of things but it doesn't make me feel any better or not miss the sounds of my little friends. This morning I saw one brave finch but he seemed to be looking around nervously. The hummingbirds are still here but I think they are pretty safe from this predator.

So for now I will sit on the deck and mourn the absence my little friends. Hopefully they will return soon. The quiet is deafening.



Bizarre Quilter said...

Oh no.. it is almost Spring here, and I am SOOO ready for it! Come on birdies and fresh air!! The back door is open for a change, but it might have to close soon. It is looking gloomy. But, I really can't complain about rain we have been in a drought for a few years now.
Loz in Oz

athena said...

Do you need a scarecrow?

Numismatist Facts said...

I have seriously considered that! The problem is that a scarecrow would frighten ALL the birds, not just the bad one.

But thanks for giving me a great laugh!