Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just one more.

This is why I love summer. In the immortal words of Zeus, it just doesn't get better than this!

One final post about the end of summer and then I will quit whining. Yesterday was our last day at the pool for the year. We could go tomorrow but since the highs are predicted to be in the 60s I think we will pass. Even yesterday was a little bit chilly.

My swimming suit and towel have been washed and put away. The cooler has been rinsed out and will be stashed in the back of the closet. All of our sun-darkened skin will gradually fade away, although the age spots and wrinkles that I have added this summer will most likely stay as a daily reminder of how much fun we have had. The kids are all back in school and we will shift our focus to soccer games and awards ceremonies.

Now it's time to get back to business. I have made my mental list of to-dos, and in fact got a good start on them this weekend while Zeus and the boys were out playing at the ranch. The list is long. There are scrapbooks waiting to be filled and strips of fabric that need to be sewn together. Walls and doors need to be washed at waist-height (how does that happen, anyway?). The shorts will be put away in a few weeks and be replaced with jeans that are still too tight. Sweaters and sweatshirts will come down off the top shelves. Time to go back to cooking real meals and eating more healthy foods.

I am done whining now.


Some last-day photos are at the Shooting blog.

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Karen said...

*sniffle* It's always sad to say goodbye to summer fun. Your grandkids are adorable and I bet they'll miss the swimming as much as you will. Until next year...