Sunday, August 24, 2008

New backpacks

Everyone has new backpacks that are stuffed and ready to go in the morning. Eris has meticulously packed little emergency kits for Little Ms. and Mr. Eris, Jr. to go along with the mechanical pencils and fancy binders. Bubba not only is headed for high school (how can that be?) but he is also an official student of WSU to go along with his engineering program! Jubee's PAL program this year is held at her neighborhood school so she is excited to be back with her old friends.

Even Zeus has a new book bag to take to USU for his class. Eris has been packing and unpacking her book bag for a couple of weeks now and was bubbling with excitement a few days ago as she showed me her new pencil cases made out of juice boxes! (This from a PhD student?) Not to be left out, Littlest Ms. has a new backpack ready to go to preschool, also a new experience for her.

Tomorrow morning Athena will carry her lunch bag to the office and I will spend the day at home with the Princess while the Duke and Duchess will also begin their new semesters. It will take a few weeks to get used to all of the new schedules as they are all so varied this year. "Grandma Wednesday" will be with Littlest and the Princess.

Do you remember your first day of school or the name of your teacher? I don't remember the actual event but I am sure that my mother jumped for joy when she dropped me off. I had Ms. Wright for kindergarten at Lynn Elementary. It was a very small class of 14 in a small school. Being only four years old I was always the youngest in my class. My first report card shows clear evidence of a discipline problem and also why Mom was probably anxious to finally get me into school. I even remember the principal, Mrs. Bushell, most likely because I spent a little time in her office! Oh my, in the photo I even look like trouble! Uncross those arms!

Zeus' first few years were at the Sacred Heart Academy. He was a cute little stinker!

Stay tuned... I am armed with more photos of youngsters! You might see some other familiar faces here soon!



athena said...

Ok. I give. I'm going to start going through all my pictures! I know I have some of my kids' first days! This will be my "school" for the year, scrapbooking.

Numismatist Facts said...

Who are you and what have you done with Athena?

Eris said...

I took a picture of Littlest Ms. this morning with her backpack on and her Nemo in hand. She was fine..... I cried like a baby when I dropped her off. Gheez, Little Ms.'s first day Thursday is going to be epic.

My juice box pencil case rocks!

Jubee said...

First day of school is over and surprisingly it went by pretty fast.

I wanna see the juice box pencil case.

Muriel said...

I had Mrs. Woods for Kindergarten at Park Lane Elementary. I think she was the first black person I ever saw close up. On the first day of school I told a girl, Mia Ulibarri, that I had washed my hair that day. And we won't mention the green polyester too-tight elastic waist pants that I couldn't get down in time in the bathroom later that year.

Matt was as excited as a little kid anticipating his teaching today.