Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Snout to Snout

A few weeks ago Eris and I took the kids to the County Fair. It was a quick trip to check out the quilts and the photography. The quilts were excellent and we got to see ribbons hanging on all of Karen's entries. Congratulations!

While we were there we took the city kids for a stroll over to see the farm animals. Little Ms. isn't afraid of anything and got really close to the sleeping pig. Before any of us saw it coming that big pink sow turned over and gave her a kiss right on the lips! Most kids would have screamed and then wet their pants but Little Ms. just laughed and rubbed the pig slobber off her face!

A first kiss to remember.



KFinley said...

That does sound like a great first kiss!

Eris said...

I'm so jealous that she has a picture of her first kiss. I don't have one of mine (age 13, at the Golden Spike ice rink, Monte).