Friday, August 15, 2008

Obon Festival

A few weeks ago our local Buddhist Temple held their yearly Obon Festival. This is a celebration to honor those who have departed, kind of like Memorial Day. There is a tasty dinner of Japanese foods available as well as tours of the temple. In the evening everyone goes outside in the parking lot to watch the amazing Taiko Drummers. I've had the opportunity to see the drummers three times before and they still keep me spellbound. We were delighted when Eris and her gang joined us this year.
Japanese dancing is also part of the celebration, complete with exquisite costumes. It is performed by participants from many different Buddhist churches in the area. At the end the public is invited to participate in the dancing. Of course, Eris and I had a fun time joining in with Little and Littlest. Mr Eris, Jr. was content to pay close attention to "that girl". Oh yeah, she was cute!

It was a fun evening. To see more images of the Obon Festival go to my Shooting Blog.



Casidub said...

Jake will not go anywhere now if there isn't a hope of a "cute girl"

athena said...

I agree. Boys get dumb about this age.

swooze said...

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