Monday, September 28, 2009

The Ectomies

Warning: Ewww factor ahead...

The tonsils and adenoids are finally gone! Littlest took the ride down the hallway in the red wagon this morning to have those obnoxious and overgrown glands removed. She was accompanied by her Nemo blanket, her stuffed puppy and a medal that said "I WAS BRAVE".

She was a tough little girl, even knowing that she would have a nasty sore throat after waking up. Very few tears were shed in the hours after surgery although I suspect that they will appear as the grogginess disappears and the anaesthesia wears off.

Ice cream, Popsicles, Slurpees and pudding are on the menu for the next week!

Love ya, Littlest! Get well soon!

$1.69 plus two large car wash piles of 52 pennies
Total: $2.21

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tubby Time

Well, well, well! Look what fell out of my photo album when I was doing the last post!


Thursday, September 24, 2009



Athena, Eris and KFin!!

Avert! Avert! Avert your eyes!!!











(You were warned...)

This is my dad. This is my dad appropriately dressed in his lounge wear green jumpsuit, perfect for camping with his funny looking but totally lovable dog Angel.

This is rare photo of my dad sporting a beard and holding Poco, FN's family pet, this time stylishly dressed in a work-ready blue jumpsuit enjoying a family picnic.

This is my dad looking quite dapper in his casual-wear tan jumpsuit with his three brothers, only one of whom is still living. They all occasionally wore jumpsuits. The jumpsuits came in many colors and I think Dad had all of them. Brown, tan, gray, navy blue, green, light blue. He also had a light blue polyester jumpsuit for semi-formal occasions and a white poly for special religious occasions.

I am reminded of Dad nearly every day when I look out my window. The gentleman who lives directly across the street is always dressed fashionably in a blue or brown jumpsuit. I don't recall seeing a rainbow of colors like Dad had.

Jerks a little tear out of my eye each time I see him fire up his hot sports car, kick up the RPMs and roar down our senior-citizen-lined street at 15 mph.

I believe that is called a dichotomy.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Out on the farm

I've been a grandmother for sixteen years and have been fortunate to spend oodles and gobs of time with all of my grandchildren. I'm also lucky to be young and healthy enough that I can participate in all kinds of activities with them. As Grandma Tuesdays have evolved over the years they have become my favorite day of the week, a day that is set aside for one purpose, that of enjoying the kids who are not yet in school.

This afternoon while singing Annie for the third time in three hours with Littlest and the Princess I realized that the preschool years are definitely my favorite time with the kids. At that age they are still eagerly discovering the world and soaking up each new experience that is presented to them. They run and play at top speed until they can hardly walk another step. Challenges are given and met, sometimes with trepidation but always with squeals of delight when accomplished. They get wiser each day but I can usually outsmart them. And for the most part, they still mind me.

Today Littlest and the Princess journeyed with me to the American West Heritage Center where the Fall Festival was in full swing. Corn has been harvested and the fields have been turned into giant mazes. Hay has been cut and baled for the winter feedings. There were few people there and we had the place almost to ourselves. The girls were able to pet baby goats, listen to the roosters crow and watch the peacocks strut their stuff. A train ride went around the duck-filled pond and there were lots of old buildings to wander around.

There was a corn maze that was just for little kids (actually just bales of hay that they could run through without getting lost) that they ran through for about 30 minutes. We also spent lots of time at the hay jump, my favorite. The girls climbed up large bales and then jumped into deep piles of soft, cushy straw. Over and over and over. By the time we were finished we were like scarecrows, pants and shirts filled with bits of straw requiring a trip to the restroom to remove.

There is no greater joy than cuddling a precious newborn baby. Attending awards presentations at school, cheering at sporting events and bragging about other accomplishments of the older kids is always a great pleasure. Seeing them grow, mature and experience the trials of life is harder, but necessary. As a grandmother I love every stage. But those 2-5 year-olds, definitely my favorite.

As usual, more images at the Shooting Blog.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's there if you just look!

Had a little fun this morning. A couple of days ago Eris told me that she was going to run a fundraising 5k with her niece. Since I'm trying to increase my ralking time to more running than walking (a dismal failure this last week) it seemed like a perfect time to give it a go.

My time was awful (no numbers today, thanks) but the weather was wonderful and the company was great. Eris beat me, of course, even though she had to stop behind a trailer to fix a "wardrobe malfunction" that could have made her run quite uncomfortable.

A huge shout-out to Eris' niece and sister-in-law, two of my favorite people in the world. Also, a special award to SIL who walked the entire 5k in spite of recovering from a procedure done just a few days ago. What a woman!

And as a special treat, we all finished with coinage found on the race course! (The photo is fudged a little, but we really all picked up a few coins!)


Thursday, September 17, 2009

A little horse talk

The Fourth of July is a big celebration in America. We all get very patriotic and teary-eyed when the Star Spangled Banner is played. For most people it also means a paid vacation day or time-and-a-half.

In Utah there is a rival July holiday. It is the 24th of July, commemorating the pioneer entry in the state in 1847. (Don't get me started on who really settled the state.) In our area it is called Pioneer Days and is celebrated with a grand rodeo, parades and fireworks. For the last two years we have also been treated to the appearance of beautiful painted horses in the downtown area. They are created by local artists and stay on display in the historic district for four months.

This is one of my favorites this year.

He was just glad not to be on the back end.

$1.03 plus a brand new Craftsman screwdriver (love ya, Dad!)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Snap, Crackle and Pop

At the age of six I fractured my arm while roller skating. That stinky, heavy plaster cast adorned my forearm for most of the summer. I remember the pain when it happened and my parents doubting that it was broken because the only time it hurt was when pressure was applied in certain ways. In fact, it was three days before they finally took me to the pediatrician who diagnosed a green stick break. The only other memory I have of it is the sensation of my arm floating away when that weighs-a-ton cast was sawed off my arm.

At the age of 23 a ski lift chair violently collided with my tailbone when I didn't get out of the way fast enough. Oh, that one hurt. Hurt bad. The fourteen hour ride a few days later to California sitting with one cheek propped on a pillow was very unpleasant. To this day bicycle riding is out of the question due to the unfortunate angle of that broken bone.

My mother tells me that I'm the only one of her children that had a broken bone. My daughters and grandchildren, well, not so lucky. Athena hasn't ever sported a cast but Eris won't even try to count the number of braces, crutches and casts that she has worn over the years.

I am the proud grandmother of five plus all of my extras. In the past 10 months five of them have fractured a bone. I have watched and taken photos as the same amused physician has put arm casts on three of them. Bubba's broken collarbone required a bra-like contraption around his shoulders. Jubee is the only one who has managed to remain in one piece but she has been warned.

If you would like to see the latest click here.

$1.20 plus a golf ball and a wrench

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Royal News!

The Prince Arrives!

Born this morning around 8 am, weighing in at a whopping 9 lbs 4 oz, 22 inches long. He is a beautiful little guy, perfect in every way. The Duchess is doing well.

Congratulations to the Royal Family! Job well done!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

If you are reading this...

I'm challenging you.

Just how much of a wo/man are you? Tough? Determined? Dedicated?

Put on some good sturdy shoes and do a 5k with me. I don't care if you run, walk or crawl over the finish line, just come and do it with me.

I can hear some of you whining already. I know what you are saying. I've said it all in the past. Races are very low on my list of favorite ways to spend a Saturday morning but doing one for a good charitable cause will make it a bit easier. So will having friends and family by my side. Yes, that is YOU!

The Susan B Komen Race for a Cure is going to be held the first part of May, 2010 in SLC. That is a full 6 1/2 months away, plenty of time to get your heads wrapped around the idea of it. This is not a timed race so don't tell me you are too slow, too old, too fat, too anything.

Every single one of us has a loved one who has fought the battle, some winning and some losing.

Do this with me in their honor.

Okay, who's in? I want replies. POSITIVE replies. Show me what you are made of.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Closing the pool, Part One

(Sorry, this post is in three parts due to length and photos.)

Yesterday was the final day at the pool. There were 21 of us joining together to mourn the end of summer play. It was crowded for the first few hours but by the end of the day we were the only ones left. My camera shutter clicked over 200 times catching smiles of young and old, the pain of water-slapping back flops, band aids and tears from stubbed toes and skinned knees plus the cheating games of Shark that never ended.

Each child started out the summer with two swimming suits that are now faded and saggy due to prolonged sun and chlorine exposure. The elastic lost it's stretch weeks ago and safety pins are now required to avoid accidental flashing.

Sunscreen was applied religiously but those deep tans won't completely fade before the next summer months arrive. Blond hair has taken on an eerie shade of green. The swimming skills will have to be relearned, fortunately it will only take a few minutes in the water to remember and put them to use.

The screams of laughter and excitement will now take place on soccer, track and lacrosse fields. Scholastic accomplishments and homework will be the new goals through the winter. At some point I'll devote a few days to lovingly repair the rolling cooler with a roll of duct tape (by popular demand). Oh yes, I will!!

I'll be counting the days until Memorial Day 2010!

More summer photos at the Shooting Blog.


Part Two


Oh yeah, we were AWESOME! For the last few weeks I've been bribing the kids with milkshakes to perform flips off the diving board. Kelsey jumped right on it (in it?) and started working, eventually doing a fairly decent flip. Mr. Eris, Jr., took quite a bit longer but eventually earned the shake.

Eris decided that she should be able to earn a shake, too. Flips were standard tricks for her in the teen years but hadn't been attempted since then. Success!

Didn't take long for Tracy (Kelsey's mom) to want in on the deal. Same for her, no flips since the teen years. Impressive!

I don't even remember how the final challenge was issued. In my days at Rainbow Gardens as a kid I could do one fine Jackknife dive off both the low and high dives, coming dangerously close to scraping my nose on the end. In fact, I believe that somewhere in my filing cabinet is a certificate won for performing that feat. Flips were never part of my repertoire. Yesterday I found myself climbing onto the board to the accompaniment of clapping hands and the chants of "Flip! Flip! Flip!" One deep breath, a run and a good hard jump left me rotating in the air then finding myself spinning underwater not knowing which way was up.

Applause! Applause! Applause! After reorienting myself and finding the top of the water I resurfaced to the sound of cheers! The spectacular feat was repeated a second time after Zeus arrived for a visit.

Note: This morning Tylenol was on my breakfast plate. My mind sometimes forgets that the body is over a half-century old.

Part Three

Who knew that after a few years absence Bogus the whale would return and provide loads of fun on the final pool day? For hours the kids (and a few adults) took turns trying to ride the whale to the wild applause of poolside spectators. Of course, any ride longer than a few seconds was impossible.

Note: Bogus was donated to the pool bag by Athena. When the Duke walked in he immediately commented about this whale hanging over her desk a few years ago!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

More yellow

Sunshine, sunflowers and smiles.


Thursday, September 3, 2009


The field behind our house is covered in sunflowers this year. In the past we have enjoyed these beauties but never this many. It is a sea of yellow.

I'm getting used to having the open space behind us. I know that at some point in the future the lots will be sold and a home will go up where all of the blooms are now. sigh. Until that time we will enjoy the brilliant yellow blooms and all the bees that are dancing in the pollen.


Update on the parking ticket: I paid a visit to the city offices this afternoon to pay the fine and to express my displeasure (yes, I was nice). I explained to the hearing officer/secretary that I had asked about 30 people if they were aware of this ordinance or statute or whatever it is and that NOT ONE knew the number of required inches. Among those 30 people was a local judge and even he did not know the correct answer. She looked at me and sneered "That judge needs to get re-educated". Can't wait to tell the judge! Then she dismissed the ticket.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The fun bunch

Sometimes it feels like we live in the car. Hardly a day goes by without switching the car seats that line the wall of my garage waiting to be put to use. There are always two seats installed and often those have to be changed according to which child's rear end needs to be safely strapped in.

This afternoon the 30 minute drive to take the three Eris kids to meet Mr. Eris was unusually pleasant. I was even able to turn off the Annie soundtrack for awhile.