Monday, September 28, 2009

The Ectomies

Warning: Ewww factor ahead...

The tonsils and adenoids are finally gone! Littlest took the ride down the hallway in the red wagon this morning to have those obnoxious and overgrown glands removed. She was accompanied by her Nemo blanket, her stuffed puppy and a medal that said "I WAS BRAVE".

She was a tough little girl, even knowing that she would have a nasty sore throat after waking up. Very few tears were shed in the hours after surgery although I suspect that they will appear as the grogginess disappears and the anaesthesia wears off.

Ice cream, Popsicles, Slurpees and pudding are on the menu for the next week!

Love ya, Littlest! Get well soon!

$1.69 plus two large car wash piles of 52 pennies
Total: $2.21


Eris said...

Can I just say, "Thank goodness for Lortab." Resting comfortably.

KFinley said...

Hopefully you add Jamba to the menu! I hope she's feeling well and enjoying her drugs!

Muriel said...

The Lortab was for you, Eris, wasn't it?

Eris said...

Man, do I wish it was for me. It's liquid form. There's no buzz in the world worth that taste.