Friday, June 11, 2010

Payday Again.

Yesterday was payday again.

Total collected: $126.62
Only $2 in paper money, both in last week
Canadian coins: $.34
Collection time: Eight months, one day

Of the total amount there is $6.64 in coins that the bank either rejected or was not sent in due to the condition. The photo below shows some examples of what Zeus and I call "coffee coins". Broken coins are rare, most often found in cracks of streets in winter when it is cold. Bent coins are also found in the same place in the hot summer months. Bent coins are my favorite.

The lucky penny jar now contains $.34 in seed money. Totals have taken a severe dip since I began riding. Running is still on my calendar at least once a week and rarely do I return home from a ride without a few coins in the water bottle pouch. Generally, any outing will find some stray coins brought home in my left pocket, the one reserved for found coinage.


1 comment:

bleason said...

Great looking loot and so much cleaner than the stash in New Orleans. We also keep broken coins, international coins, and tokens of varied purposes.

Congratulations, a great 8 months worth of pleasure.