Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Back to the Future

As I write this, someone is sitting in a chair reliving her teenage years.

Moral of the story: Listen to your Mom (and orthodontist) and wear your retainer!
For more photos click here.
$.01 (hey, it was snowpacked!)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The haul

For the past five or six years I have been a member of an online group called Stashbuster. The purpose of this group is to reduce the amount of stash (fabric) that quilters accumulate. For some reason quilters get great pleasure out of ogling and fondling fabric. There is a name for this: Fabricaholic.

Last year I participated in a group challenge with the Stashbusters to finish UFOs (UnFinished Objects). I began the year with 48 unfinished quilt tops. By September I had finished 41, given 5 away and had two in the hand-quilting stages. For each "finish" I was awarded one or two points, depending on the size of the quilt.

Okay, so last Saturday night after returning home from JoAnn's where I had bought some mostly unneeded fabric (and suffering buyer's remorse) I got on the computer to find an email informing me that I had won the yearly draw for the UFO Challenge. The package arrived yesterday. Sixty-four fat quarters (18 x 22) of nice quality fabric. That is almost 16 yards of fabric, enough for two queen size quilts, at least.

I need help. Please feel free to visit Finley Functionality and see what she has been doing for the last two weeks. She is the one I am counting on to help me out of this mess!


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Eris and Mr. Eris

Twelve years ago!

I am adding a few more photos just for fun! Little Ms. Eris saw this one yesterday and asked all kinds of questions.

Halloween 2006

$ .76 (thanks Jan and Eris)


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

just hangin' with my friends

Today we included the Princess for Grandma Tuesday. Although she was here for less than two hours she tolerated the chaos fairly well for a first-timer. On the other hand, Littlest Ms. Eris wasn't too happy about Grandma holding that OTHER baby...


Sunday, January 13, 2008

A new family

The wedding of nephew Deke and Jenn was three days ago. The bride was beautiful and Deke was smiling the entire time! Here are a few of my favorite photos.
The wedding took place at the Old Rock Church in Providence.
My sister is now the proud grandmother of two adorable little boys.

We wish them a long and happy life!


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Grandma Tuesday

Today was the first official Grandma Tuesday in a while. Eris went back to school and Mr. Eris is enjoying his new position. The girls arrived at nine, ready for a shower and full of energy. They also knew that they were going to have to "mind" me all day. This is particularly tough for Little Ms. Eris. Today was a good day for her, only two times on the couch!

While Littlest is down for a nap (!!!!) some time is spent with Little reading and doing some crafts. Today she did some stencil tracing and then got to use scissors for the first time. Well, actually the second time if you all remember the haircut last year. It kept her occupied for almost two hours.

Little Mr. Eris came after school. Finally, I have found something he likes to do here! This building set kept him busy for hours! The object is to connect all of these tubes and shapes and then have a marble make it from the top to bottom.

After dinner it was time to bake cookies. Do you know what gingerbread dough looks like? Oh well, they tasted wonderful, especially after they were decorated! Even Zeus got involved!

Eleven hours. The toys are put away and the house is put back together again. Next week will be easier. We might even get to add the Princess for a few hours in the afternoon!
Now I'm going to bed.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

come on in!

They haven't changed a bit!


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

the missing genetic link is found!

The missing link has been found. My genes were very lazy that day back in 1976 and there is almost no physical resemblence at all. But now we know! Eris and I wear the same size of a certain undergarment. The very sad part is that I would have to be five inches taller for anyone to notice. Also, the cruelty of time and gravity have taken a serious toll.

Sorry, no photos available.

$.80 (and darn cold!)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008: Gain 10 lbs and read trashy novels

"My resolution for 2008 is to gain ten pounds and read dozens of trashy love novels."

This was posted on the Stashbuster Yahoo forum last week. Stashbusters is a group of fellow quilters who have accumulated more fabric than can be used in a lifetime and have stacks of UFOs (unfinished objects). After joining a 2007 group challenge I can brag that my UFOs were finished in September, all 41 of them!

For the last few years I have written my goals for the coming year before January 1st arrives. Usually these include one from each of my three main interests/hobbies. So here goes:

Quilting: One new, completed quilt per month plus four neonatal quilts.

Photography: Conquer f-stops and appertures. Carry a camera with me at all times and use it daily. Keeping my scrapbooks current goes along with this.

Running: Duchess has challenged me to run a 5k this spring. Gotta work on endurance.

Anyone brave enough to share your resolutions?

Note: This morning I flushed the last three chocolate jelly rings down the toilet and I don't like trashy novels.

(Photos are from New Years Eve 2000)

Whatever turns you on...

Athena likes numbers.
Eris likes books.
This fascinated me:

(not bad for five degrees this morning!)