Saturday, January 26, 2008

The haul

For the past five or six years I have been a member of an online group called Stashbuster. The purpose of this group is to reduce the amount of stash (fabric) that quilters accumulate. For some reason quilters get great pleasure out of ogling and fondling fabric. There is a name for this: Fabricaholic.

Last year I participated in a group challenge with the Stashbusters to finish UFOs (UnFinished Objects). I began the year with 48 unfinished quilt tops. By September I had finished 41, given 5 away and had two in the hand-quilting stages. For each "finish" I was awarded one or two points, depending on the size of the quilt.

Okay, so last Saturday night after returning home from JoAnn's where I had bought some mostly unneeded fabric (and suffering buyer's remorse) I got on the computer to find an email informing me that I had won the yearly draw for the UFO Challenge. The package arrived yesterday. Sixty-four fat quarters (18 x 22) of nice quality fabric. That is almost 16 yards of fabric, enough for two queen size quilts, at least.

I need help. Please feel free to visit Finley Functionality and see what she has been doing for the last two weeks. She is the one I am counting on to help me out of this mess!



C&K Finley said...

Don't be counting on me! I think you have two more queen quilts to make!

Eris said...

The Mr. and I were just talking about the Little Ms.'s room... they may be needing new bedspreads and curtains for b-days this year.

Or you could quilt some good sturdy pipes for Ogden City.