Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This is not what I had intended to post today but the other one is not quite ready. Hopefully tomorrow. In the meantime I'll share this photo.

Zeus and I just returned from a five day trip to our old stomping grounds in southern Arizona. The town of Ajo was once home to a thriving copper mine. It is now a winter home to northern snowbirds and an ever increasing population of Border Patrol and Homeland Security.

During the old mining days burros were used in the hauling of ore, or something like that. At some point they were replaced with trucks and other heavy equipment. The unneeded burros were turned out into the surrounding mountains and became wild.

In twenty years of living in Ajo my brother-in-law has never seen these animals, even living as close as they do to the edge of town. Leaving his home one afternoon Zeus noticed a herd of seven beautiful burros wandering out on the desert. They stood nervously as I took their photos until I got one step too close. Then they trotted back out to the hills.

It is good to be home.