Saturday, May 29, 2010

Siesta sadness

The chaise lounge has been around longer than I have, probably 22 years. It is part of a patio set that by many accounts includes the most comfortable chairs ever made. Countless summer hours have been spent reading, eating, watching the birds and chatting with loved ones and neighbors in those chairs. But the chaise lounge was my favorite piece. Summer afternoons I could often be found stretched out enjoying a siesta with an open book and Diet Coke.

Last week I was surprised when Zeus said it was probably time to replace this furniture that has so many memories woven into the green and white stripes. We were married next to it while a wedding cake waited on the table and loved ones watched from the chairs. Gatherings of families occurred often around the table. Grandchildren had naps on the lounge. We became acquainted with new neighbors on the deck. Countless meals were served and enjoyed while looking at our beautiful Utah mountains.

But Zeus was right. The Velcro no longer held the seat cushions upright and the sun had taken it's toll turning the white stripes a shade of brown. It was also too large for the patio. So off we went to look for furnishings for our favorite "room" of the house. After a day of shopping and much discussion it was done. The table and four chairs were replaced with a smaller table and two chairs. The bulky chaise lounge has been replaced with two zero-gravity chairs (heavenly) and a small portable grill will take over for the huge BBQ that took up way too much space on the deck. (Tested that grill tonight. It's great!)

It will take some adjusting to the new look out the back door. When the old set is taken away this evening there will be some pangs of loss. But change can be good. Now we just need some warm days to enjoy it all.

$3.53 (finally some long-overdue paper money!)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ground Score!!

I don't know where the time goes. Oh yeah, I remember. It's been a busy, busy week with lots of time spent at this computer (not blogging) and watching it rain outside, which it is doing as I work on this long-overdue post. Lots of camera time, editing, proofing and ordering, my favorite kind of busy-ness.

This morning I managed to get out ralking for an hour before the skies started dripping again. My weekday route takes me across an intersection that is rated one of the most dangerous in our state, and that is without the constant construction work that has dragged on for over a year. This morning the area was littered with broken pieces of motorcycle, a pretty scary sight.

This afternoon as Zeus and I were returning home from dinner I asked him to stop at the scene so I could pick up a piece of the motorcycle, or as the MoneyWalker calls it, a Ground Score. Yup, ten hours later it was still there, a large remnant of a saddlebag from a 2009 Harley-Davidson, complete with a beautiful inscribed reflector. I knew instantly that this would fit on the crossbars of my bike!

Well, what do you think? Kind of classes up the old lady wheels, eh?


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pedicure gone wrong

The guys go to play poker. The gals gather at my house to paint toenails.

This is why my life is never boring.


Monday, May 10, 2010

THAT house.

You've seen it. Driving by there is an old crushed velvet couch on the front porch with springs and stuffing hanging out of the misshapen cushions. It's a lowrider because the feet have long since disappeared. Maybe it's the 12 inch grass that hasn't been mowed or the field of bright dandelions across the lawn. How about the torn screen door hanging by one hinge? Or the carport that is filled with mountains of junk and no room for a car? Or the faded garage sale sign from two months ago?

You know, THAT house. There is one in every neighborhood.

I have slowly come to realize that we might be THAT house. Yes, we are THOSE neighbors. The ones that make property values plummet and everyone else cringe. Or mumble to each other. The ones with noisy kids playing baseball in the street and unfamiliar cars going in and out of the driveway 28 times a day, sometimes more.

We have lived in our home for six years. The first few years I meticulously planted colorful annuals in the front yard for all to feast their eyes on. Sunday mornings were my gardening time. I was already sweaty and stinky, a perfect time to get dirt under my nails and stickers in my flip flops. Each year I have enjoyed it less and less, gradually replacing the brilliant purple lobilia and yellow marigolds with dependable perennials that magically return to life as soon as the snow melts. There are subtle blooms appearing in my yard from summer to fall and all they ask from me is a regular drinks of water, a once a year pruning and a weekly trip around the flowerbeds to pull rogue weeds.

Today I dug out the garden tools, spent about three hours pulling winter weeds and sizing up what needs to be done. It has been decided. My sister has some cannalily bulbs waiting for me that will be planted, but I'm not sure where yet. The squash, pumpkin plants and wild roses will once again grace the dirt patch in the vacant lot behind our yard. They are easy, simply irrigate once a week and don't forget to pick the bounty. That's it.

We moved to this quiet subdivision to escape yard work. I admire the beautiful landscaping and clever, decorative fixtures that adorn the earth-toned cookie-cutter homes on our street. But I refuse to become a slave to it. Summer is on the way and we have pools to swim in, soccer games to watch, softball games to play and long bicycle rides to enjoy.

And afternoon naps to take on the front porch couch.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Numi on deck

Eris and Mr. Eris got this brilliant idea about a month ago to form a coed softball team to play in a local league. I guess the rules specified that there must be one old grandma on each team because I was recruited to play.

Tonight was our first game. It was windy, cloudy and cold but the Army Ants (name came from The Big Bang Theory) were victorious! Final score, 11 to 3!

Athena, Eris, the Duchess and Casi all play, along with spouses and in-laws. And of course, a few ringers thrown into the mix. Eris pitched, Athena was catcher, the Duchess played a mean second base and Bubba covered short-stop. Casi and I played outfield but she stole the show when she caught a high fly ball.

Looking forward to next week when hopefully I can stay upright after hitting the ball. Ugh.



Sunday, May 2, 2010

Different doors

Sunday. It's the day that many people pass through the doors of their chosen church. That's good. Others choose not to go through doors at all. That is a personal choice, one that is none of my business, nor yours.

My doors are most likely different than yours, a choice that required years of conscious thought, searching and mind bending mental gymnastics. It was a difficult path but one that has ultimately brought peace of mind and comfort with who I am and what I believe. I took this journey alone, influenced by no one. No one.

My place right now has brought some interesting comments from others. One of the recurring themes that I hear is that those who question the idea of a Supreme Being have no direction, no values, no sense of morals. Honest, I have heard that. More than once. The first time it was like a hard slap in the face. Now it merely stings and after a day or so the hurt goes away.

No, that's a lie. The hurt doesn't go away. But it's not as shocking as it was the first time I heard it.

I don't do Sundays the same way you do. Often I choose not to go through any doors at all and instead enjoy the beauty of nature. I listen to the frogs in the pond, stare at the mountains and breathe the fresh air. Sometimes weeds get pulled or the car gets a needed washing. I think, sweat and try to work out whatever dilemma is currently at the top of my list. It is my favorite day of the week.

I do try to live a moral and ethical life. And yes, that is possible to do without going through the same doors that you do. And who knows? I might find even different doors to explore in the future.

(Littlest found a $5 bill yesterday! She's four. Watch out MoneyWalker, the competition is coming!)