Saturday, June 14, 2008

Two for one

Tomorrow we are celebrating two very special occasions. It will be our 17th wedding anniversary and also Father's Day. The families will all be coming over to grill burgers and to reminisce about old times.

For those who don't know our story here's a short list of some interesting facts.

**We were married by our son, the Judge. Now how many of you have heard that one before?

**We knew this was serious after I proved I knew the song "Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most" on our first date by giving him a mixed tape. It was one of my favorites by Bette Midler and his favorite from his younger days.

**Our cute little neighbor Maude watched the ceremony from her bathroom window next door.

**I told Athena and Eris before our first date that I would marry him if he asked me.

**Zeus was a teacher at the high school I attended. Luckily, I was never one of his students. He loves my class reunions more than I do!

**Our family tree is so confusing that we usually don't try to explain it to anyone. One example, I have stepchildren who are my age. We also have grafted a few branches on that are now part of us.

**Eris was angry with Zeus that morning because he told her to turn her music down. In some of the other photos it is obvious. It didn't last too long and she learned to keep the noise down.

**There were more than a few people who gave our marriage slim chances for survival. Obviously, they had no idea how truly meant for each other we are.

As for celebrating Father's Day, I can't think of any Dad in the world who deserves more kudos than Zeus. He has been Athena and Eris' greatest champion, always there to cheer them on in their many achievements. He has also been there to help pick up the pieces and offer support whenever it is called for. He is totally dedicated to them and to the grandchildren that they have given us.

Zeus, I love you!



Athena said...

What a great tribute. I'm so happy he's our Dad and such a wonderful Grandpa to our children. It means more than he will ever know.

Athena said...

Oh.... and Happy Anniversary =)

Eris said...

I. Love. Dad. And he's the best Grandpa EVER!

Casidub said...

I'm so happy for all of you. Congrats!!!

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary, to you both. What an incredible tribute to your marriage and for Father's Day. I enjoyed seeing the photos from your wedding! Here's to many more wonderful years together.

Muriel said...

Except why does Athena have him in a headlock?? Happy Anniversary! Thanks for still being my Aunt and Uncle.

cuz2u said...

That is so cool. Congrats. I hear all the time how great he is.