Sunday, June 29, 2008


Happy 100th blog post! This entry marks my "official" century mark. There were a few that were written and not posted due to the very non-Buddhist attitudes that they contained. A couple of them were written and taken down because I was worried that they would put my life in mortal danger. (Nevertheless, one was too funny not to share again.)

Overall, my family has been pretty good sports about all of the unflattering photos and stories that seem to find their way on this blog. So far no one has made flaming comments, probably because they wish to remain anonymous. Yes, I know you are out there, you have blown your own cover a couple of times. Even Zeus, who has rolled his eyes more than once at my ramblings, has not given me much grief about the time that I spend writing and has even sent more than one compliment my way. (An aside, when my laptop arrived last year he was worried that I would never leave my lair. That has turned out to be only partially true.)

It has been interesting to look back and see which of the posts generated responses, both written and spoken. Sometimes few words speak volumes. I also know that some of you aren't privy to our family history so some posts probably didn't make sense. I apologize for that and will gladly fill you in on any national security secrets to clear things up.

Numismatically Speaking has also occasionally proven to be a handy emotional outlet for my frustrations. Thanks for listening and making me feel better.

But best of all, I get to post photos of those who are special in my life and do some major bragging. Ahhh, life is good and just keeps getting better!

$.86 (and a 9/16 wrench)

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Eris said...

Happy Blogg-iversary! Keep em coming!