Monday, June 16, 2008

Morning has broken!

This is what greeted me when I looked out my bedroom window this morning at 6:00 AM! That sight alone was enough to put a smile on my face!

That wasn't the only good thing that happened today! I actually ran! Yes, after being relegated to a fast walk for the last two months I fired up the Sauconys and stepped on the gas. Man, even the short trial distance of a couple of blocks felt like heaven. Mmmmm, endorphins..... want more... want more.....

Finally, finally, finally! Just four days ago I had to wear a turtleneck when I went out. This afternoon I folded my winter gear up neatly and put it on the farthest, highest shelf in my closet, hopefully not to be touched again until October. I didn't even have to wear a jacket this morning!


Note: It looks like the developers are relocating the entire town of Harrisville into our backyard, one truckload of dirt at a time. Damn.

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Casidub said...

That is a beautiful picture.

You have a fantastic talent!