Sunday, June 1, 2008

Serious about soccer

Okay, you have all been good sports (pun intended) for the last couple of weeks while I talked about the grandkids and all of their sporting events. I promise, this is the last one, at least for a while.
Two weeks ago I joined Eris and family in Pocatello for a soccer tournament featuring Mr. Eris, Jr. He plays in a competition league with a team called Crossfire and I'm proud to say that they won all four games, bringing home the 1st place medals!

Jubee joined me on the trip and didn't groan too loudly about my choice of music, which was "44 Wacky Songs". However, she did manage to sleep all the way home in order to avoid 90 minutes of Rod Stewart.

While in Pocatello we also spent some time with Muriel and her family. We got to cheer at her boys' soccer games. After all the games were over we went to an incredible all-you-can-eat pizza place. Five adults and nine kids leave quite a mess!
This photo was Jake's first year, I think 2003.

Let's hear it for "Littlest"

Finally, it just wouldn't be fair to not give Littlest Ms. her moment of glory. For the last two years she has been the #1 fan at all of these games. It won't be long until we will be adding her schedules to the rest of them!

Soccer is over. Only two weeks left of T-ball. Good thing the pool is open. Now if it would just get warm enough to swim.

$2.83 (I love Sundays.)


Eris said...

Oh, the little Little Mr. picture is going to make me cry!

Muriel said...

Matt works with someone whose kid played in that tournament and he said they were all wondering "who's that team from Ogden that came up here and kicked everyone's butts!"

Athena said...

He is so super cute at any age!

I think the Littlest is sporting a pointed toe and is going to be the first dancer of the group.

He he he