Friday, May 30, 2008

Honor Roll

I've never believed in rewarding kids for good grades in school. I expected those A's and B's and anything less required a valid explanation.

Until last night. Luis made the Honor Roll at WSU, an accomplishment that he and Judy should both be proud of. We certainly are!

While they went out to dinner and a movie we enjoyed their three adorable kids for a few hours. The driveway is still adorned with their chalk artwork and the jump ropes were given a good workout.
Our neighbors brought over Nardo the turtle and that kept us all entertained for quite a while.

Making playdough, rolling pins and cookie cutters kept the girls busy.

Little Miguelito wasn't thrilled about being away from Mom but as long as his sisters were around he was content.

It was a fun evening!



Athena said...

Did he have his shirt off?

Eris said...

Oh, that would have gotten me to class!