Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lacrosse 101

Three years ago I was introduced to the sport of lacrosse. Prior to this time my only exposure had been reading about the Duke Scandals in North Carolina so I had no idea what to expect.

The Duchess' husband, hereafter referred to as The Duke, coaches our local high school team. Lacrosse is just starting to catch on in Utah. I'll bet fewer than one in a hundred Utahns have ever seen the rough and tumble action on the field.

At first sight the game appears to be brutal, a bunch of guys with long sticks running up and down the field whacking each other on the arms and legs as hard as they can in an attempt to get the very hard ball that is nestled in a small net at the end of those sticks. The game is fast and intense.

Congratulations to the Duke for being named the Lacrosse Coach of the Year in the state. Yup, you deserve it and we are proud to be your number one fans!

(note: The Duke (coach) is in no way connected to the Duke scandal, other than the big sticks that they all carry!)


C&K Finley said...

I bet more people than that have seen it. Bonneville High had a mens and womens team when I was there. SUU had club teams, they were really popular when I was in high school! I love seeing people get whacked by a stick when the refs aren't looking!

Karen said...

How cool - I didn't know they have Lacrosse in schools here.

The photos are really fun and I like the last one of you and the baby.