Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A boy and his Grandpa

We had no idea how drastically our lives would change on May 21, 1993. Nothing would ever be the same in our home. Gone were the quiet, organized days. New emotions would come at us faster and stronger than we imagined and a protectiveness that equalled parenthood was immediate.

Bubba was born in the late afternoon and we brought him and Athena home the next day. How lucky we were to have them live with us for that first year. Zeus had recently retired and the bond between them was intense.

By the time Bubba was a month old he had already been taken to Grouse Creek. Over the next 15 years he would become his Grandpa's right hand man at the ranch. Riding the ATVs, shooting BB guns and 22s and sleeping on the deck in the tent are favorite activities. They get dirty, stinky and usually come home in the same clothes that they left in. Showers? That's for sissies.
From the beginning Bubba was a traveler with us, making yearly trips to AZ and Mexico as well as many other places. He was always easy to travel with, even on those long 14 hour drives to Ajo.

Early on the two of them became fishing buddies, enjoying day trips to nearby reservoirs as well as guided river trips. They also were known to take off on overnight trips to various other locations.

Just being together was all that mattered to both of them. In the last few years Mr. Eris, Jr. has joined them on most of these trips and they all look forward to their adventures on the road. Mr. Eris, Jr. adores Bubba.

This is one terrific kid. He started us out on the Grandparent Adventure fifteen years ago. We have cherished every minute of it and look forward to many more.

I'm afraid that this post just wouldn't be complete without this photo. There are many things that a kid (or adult) can get away with at the ranch. After I told him he could take a leak anywhere it seemed like every time I turned around this is what I saw!

Eris requested this one. It was taken a few years ago at a Red Hot Chile Pepper concert. The two of them also have a special relationship.

Happy Birthday! We love you!



Athena said...

tear tear tear

Thanks for starting my day.

Muriel said...

Holy Cow! 15??? That's crazy!

Eris said...

Happy Birthday, Bubba! Aren't you a little skinny to be called "Bubba"?

Jubee said...

Ya he is.