Saturday, May 17, 2008

Girl's Night

Once a month the guys all meet and play poker. Not to be outdone, the girls get together and spend an evening eating pizza, telling wild stories, eating cookie dough, laughing alot and, finally, eating more disgusting stuff, like brownie dough and chocolates.

Last night we added a new dimension, online shopping.

The kids usually watch movies and generally complain because they are bored. Littlest Ms. found her place watching "Where the Wild Things Are" on the floor.

It's always a fun evening with lots of laughter and teasing. The guys can't possibly be having this much fun, except for Bubba who took a good part of the pot home with him!



The Duchess said...

I appreciate your hiding my face eating raw cookie

Muriel said...

Sounds like so fun, especially the dough. What were you all shopping for?

Eris said...

Shoes, of course. Duchess, I have your picks and will deliver them on Monday!

Muriel said...

Duh, I should have known. I want to come next time!!

Karen said...

Girls' Nights are always so fun! My friends and I usually get carried away, which makes it really fun. We' haven't been arrested... yet. ;-)