Friday, May 23, 2008


Last night Eris got tagged. Yes, Little Ms. Eris tagged the TV. Not one of the small ones, she did the big one. It was discovered during the birthday party when the smell of fresh paint drifted upstairs. I didn't see the damage to the TV but I did witness the emotional damage done to Eris as she walked outside pretending to look at the onions in her garden (tears?). Luckily for Little Ms. there was a houseful of guests so she is still alive. At least she was when I left an hour after the incident.

Some graffiti can be works of art. I enjoy seeing colorful railroad cars and abandoned building but maybe that's because I can't draw a straight line, let alone incredible designs.

Shall we take odds on how well Little Ms. does this summer while Eris works from home? Now when does school start?

(Sorry Eris. Remember this?)



Eris said...

No tears, just frustration. The tv is fine, and Little Ms. is still in one piece. BTW - she is asking me how to untie the balloons so she can suck the helium like Athena did. yay.

Athena said...

BTW - I didn't untie the balloon. I bit a hole in it! It's far quicker this way.

I'll be sure to tell her this, and many more tricks, as she gets older.

C&K Finley said...

Wow! I can't believe she's still alive! There's an even better way to get the helium out of the balloons than untiing or biting them...