Saturday, March 8, 2008


What started a few months ago as a "closet-cleaning" for my mother has now morphed into a major remodeling project in her family room. Last night Athena and Littlest Ms. Eris began the process of removing the old wallpaper and getting ready to repaper and paint. Watching this brought back a not-so-pleasant memory from the year, I believe, 1979.Home decorating has never been one of my talents but at that time Athena and Eris were in a small bedroom that needed some new wallpaper. Okay, easy enough. It was an older home with many previous layers of paper that all had to be taken off. It was a slow process but I finally got it all scraped off and prepped for some pretty blue and white paper. After a few days the new paper was hung and I was pretty pleased with myself.
It hadn't been up for even a day when Eris decided that it must come down. I found her in the bedroom with a screwdriver gouging long strips down the cute paper all across the long wall. Oh, she was so proud of her work and helping Mommy. What did I do? Walked out of the room and cried. She was the same age as Littlest is now. Wait a minute, is Athena showing Littlest Ms. Eris how to poke a screwdriver in an electrical outlet? Oh, that's not good....When it was time to go home Littlest wanted to go with me. We had a fun sleepover.







Eris said...

I. WAS. HELPING!!!!! That is why I don't wallpaper.

Athena said...

I think I'm getting strep.

Gotta love those kids!