Saturday, March 8, 2008

"Look what we made!"

Ten years ago (March 11th) those were the words that a tearful Eris said to Mr. Eris when she first held her new baby boy. The last few months waiting for his arrival were pretty scary but he turned out to be perfect!
It was obvious from his first appearance and still to this day that he is an exact duplicate of his daddy, both in looks and personality.

This is one of my favorite pictures. It was taken when he was visiting us in Arizona.

Handsome Jr. at Dead Horse Point in 2005.

Enjoying time with the guys at Grouse Creek. They go out often with Grandpa to ride the ATVs and shoot their guns.
We will be celebrating his birthday for the third year in a row with a day on the slopes. He and Bubba are always the last ones to come down off the hill.

Soccer is a major part of his life (like his daddy) and he is very good at it. The games get more intense as he gets older.
Let's hear a big "Happy Birthday" for Mr. Eris, Jr.!


Muriel said...

Yeah! Happy Birthday! There will be no stealing of anyone's gum in honor of him.

Why is he wearing two different colored soccer socks?

Athena said...

Oh my. Here come the tears!

He is definitely my favorite nephew!