Monday, March 31, 2008

I have proof!!

Little and Littlest Ms. Eris just left my house after a day of play. Ahh, the quiet is wonderful. Not many toys to pick up as Little Ms. chose to spend her quiet time writing a cute letter to Grandpa Zeus. He wasn't at home today and she really missed him. Littlest Ms. chose to do her favorite thing, looking through scrapbooks. Right now a few of them are spread all over the great room floor. At her age she is mostly looking at the past year, remembering the places she has recently been and recognizing the people she loves.
Looking through my collection of scrapbooks is a favorite pastime of all who come here, including Athena and Eris. The books contain the complete histories of their lives. Squeals of "I remember that!" and "We should do that again!" are often heard. Laughter is loud and contagious. They can look back at the fun times as well as the hard times.
Last week I came across two boxes of slides. One of those boxes will remain sealed forever, but the other one contained the images that you see in this post. These are precious memories of Athena and her great-grandparents that were taken in the summer of 1975 in Santa Maria, CA. Athena and I were there to celebrate her second birthday. In the four years that I lived in the hot desert of CA many trips were taken to the coast to visit these wonderful people. Coming across these photos reminded me how special they were to me and also to Athena and Eris.
I cherish my scrapbooks and get much joy out of watching my daughters and grandchildren pour over them at every opportunity. The books are records of our lives, where we lived, when, who was there. All of the important milestones are covered. Chances are, if you were ever part of my life I can bring out photos to share with you. A few times disputes have been settled just by finding the proof in one of these books (San Diego, anyone?).

When the day comes that I really *do* have that stroke I'll simply pull out the books, one at a time, and smile. And smile. And smile.



Athena said...

It certainly is one of my favorite things to do, looking through your books.

You just about made me cry.

Bryson will vouch that I didn't.

Eris said...

So sweet.

Muriel said...

I need to come over. You probably have pictures of me that I have never seen.

cuz2u said...

I need to come over too. That is so cool. I am jealous of the relationship every body has and all the pictures.