Thursday, April 3, 2008

Seeing double... or triple

A few weeks ago I posted Easter photos of Athena and Eris. From the time they were born I made their clothes, most of the time matching outfits. As they got older I started to hear occasional grumbling about it but because I was sitting at my noisy sewing machine I was usually unable to hear (or at least ignore) the complaints.

My mother also was adept with a needle and thread. I have quite a few photos of us three girls dressed alike. This one was taken at Christmas 1959 under very bright lights!
After Athena arrived dressing alike seemed perfectly normal to me! This photo was taken at a wedding in 1975 (?).
Adding Eris just made it more fun!
Summer of 1977
Darn it, they were adorable. This outfit also had matching knickers!
Christmas 1981

Even Sadie got matching ribbons. Judging by the big hair I am guessing this was late 80's.

The matching stuff doesn't work as well with boys but Bubba and Jubee were adorable anyway!January 1997

I took this photograph two days ago and it will probably always be one of my favorites. It is Little and Littlest Ms. Eris in their twirly Easter dresses.

It still surprises me when Eris gently asks me before Easter and Christmas if she needs to shop for dresses. I guess as long as I can thread a needle I'll keep cranking them out, or until the grumbling from the girls gets loud enough that my sewing machine won't drown out the noise anymore. For now, I love it!

(No numbers this week. I'm on vacation.)


Eris said...

Remember, Little Ms. Eris has proclaimed that she will wear at her wedding, "whatever Grandma makes for me" so you'd better be threading that needle for a while!

Athena said...

I loved some of the outfits. You know, the sexy ones like from the wedding in ID!

cuz2u said...

That is great. I love the hair and the outfits.