Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to Kara!

Today (Wednesday) is my niece Kara's birthday! Being the youngest of my mother's seven grandchildren she has always been the family's little sweetheart. No one could ever resist that contagious smile and terrific personality.

A trip to the zoo with the girls

2003 at a soccer game
Chris was added to the family in 2006. The story is that she agreed to marry him after an awesome PowerPoint presentation.
Chris and Kara in 2007Last year C and K moved to Lansing, MI where Chris is attending law school. It was a hard adjustment for Kara, but right now she is doing well, working two jobs and keeping busy learning how to quilt! Oh, she makes me a proud aunt!

Here's a big bloggy birthday hug to Kara from the Numismatist!

(You can visit her blog at Finley Functionality.)

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Athena said...

She was . . . .and is. . . . completely adorable!

Can't wait to see her again!