Sunday, April 27, 2008

Making the "A" list

Four years ago when we moved into our new home I began shopping at our little neighborhood grocery store. One of the staples in our house is soy milk. Zeus prefers Silk Milk, unflavored and unsweetened. For six months I continually harassed the young dairy manager about carrying all varieties of this particular brand except for unflavored. The handsome man always smiled and assured me that they would be getting it in soon. Finally my soy milk appeared on the shelf.

Fast forward three years. We get new neighbors. After meeting the couple (yay, she was my age!) I learned that they had a son who was serving a mission in Jacksonville. A photograph confirmed that it was none other than the young man whom I had mercilessly nagged about the soy milk. He returned home ten days ago to delighted parents and family. This afternoon I will be attending church to hear him speak about his mission. Congratulations Elder on a job well done.

For the next week maybe my name will be on the "A" list, followed by a question mark I am sure. After that, back to the "I"s and comfortable anonymity.


note: The report was excellent and the church is still standing.

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Eris said...

I didn't have any plastic red cups for the bridge over the freeway, so "Welcome Home Elder!"