Monday, April 21, 2008

The Swimming Team

I would like to introduce you to four incredible women. From the left, Arlene, Elaine (aka my Mom), Mable and Joyce. The average age for these ladies is probably somewhere around 80. For more than a year I have had the pleasure of swimming with them three times a week. They arrive between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. and spend up to two hours in the water doing exercises and chatting. The pool is an aquatherapy pool that is very warm (think bathtub temps) and inviting. Walking in the door always brings cheerful greetings and when it's time to go home there is a chorus of "have a great day" and "see you on Wednesday". Their life stories are varied and interesting. Self-pity is impossible here. Aches and pains are abundant but they all claim that these hours in the water are what keeps them going strong. And strong they are!

I started going to the pool last year to work on some knee problems. After a week I talked Mom into trying it with me. After assuring her repeatedly that she would fit right in she finally came with me and was soon hooked. She has kept it up for over a year and even says that she can tell the difference in how she feels. Three mornings a week she is there in the water when I come in from my run (or walk like today). There were bets in the family as to how long she would actually go but she has surprised us all! I'm proud of her and enjoy the time that we have together.

Of course, there are others at the pool. Karen joins us on Fridays. Marge, June, another Arlene and Pam are just a few of the other swimmers. Lately we have even had some men come on a regular basis, although this makes it tough when I want to use their dressing room because the ladies area is too crowded.
Thank you ladies for your friendship and for your cheerfulness that gets my days off to a good start!

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