Sunday, February 6, 2011

Done and Done.

Our beastly cold weather, along with the cold that turned me into a beast, kept me in the house for about three weeks. I spent much of the time finishing the knitting project that was started after the holidays.

I haven't quite decided if I prefer knitting over crochet. They are very different forms of needlework, each with advantages. But oh, I do love the cable knits.

The other "done" is the book series Chronicles of Narnia. I started reading these way back when. A set of BBC dvds that were given to us at Christmas that spurred me to finish them up.
I have watched one of the dvds and really enjoyed it.

So many things on my list are waiting to be completed. Two flannel pj quilts are cut out and sitting on my sewing machine. Hopefully there will be another "done" soon.

$1.12 plus .32

Treatment progress note: Three weeks in and my face hasn't fallen off yet! Swelling, redness and burning on the right side, but so far not too noticeable. Not nearly as worried anymore.