Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hittin' the slopes

Today was the rest of Mr. Eris, Jr.'s birthday celebration. When I got up this morning I was delighted to find fresh snow on the ground with warm temps, just perfect for a day of skiing with the kids. This is one of my favorite days of the year!
Zeus, Athena and the rest of the gang joined us for lunch and cake. Even the Wolf Mountain Wolf came in to help sing Happy Birthday!
Littlest Ms. Eris and the Princess also came for the party and then went home with Mr. Eris to recuperate from the festivities. They also played hard last night so a long nap was really in order.

After lunch, back to the slopes. Little Ms. improves each year. This year Eris even got to ski facing forward!

The Duchess told us that Wolf Mountain reminded her of the small ski area in New York where she learned to ski. It was great to have her join us.

A big Thank You to Bubba for always being such a great guy and a big help to the other kids. Don't know what we would do without him!

Also, a big Thumbs Up to Kelsey. She struggled with her board but never gave up! What a trooper!

It was a fun day! Can't wait to do it again! As for now, I'm taking my aching knees and going to bed!


Athena said...

When ya going again?

Muriel said...

Wish I skied. Oh who am I kidding call me in the summer when you hit a lake, then I'll be in my element.

Eris said...

April 5th. We will be listening to conference while on the lift.

Athena said...

I will be sure to bring my iPod for some good ol' Metallica!

Muriel said...

Hey, and when are those soccer tourneys up here in Pokey?

Karen said...

The photos are great! The photo of the Princess is wonderful.