Sunday, March 2, 2008

Loss of focus

Yesterday morning I went out to walk/run and "clean up" the streets before the storm arrived. The huge snowpiles around the parking lots are now melting quickly and the snow is filthy. Over by McDonalds I see an odd piece of paper sticking out from under a melting pile. Eureka! Paper money! Unfortunately, just a PIECE of paper money. For the next hour I can't concentrate on "round", "shiny" or "diameter" because I'm looking at dirty pieces of paper hoping to find the rest of this bill. It will take days to get focused again!

It turned out to be part of a five dollar bill. Do you think I can take it to the bank and get at least a dollar?


Muriel said...

I think you have to have at least half of it for any kind of redemption. But I would love to see what the teller says when you try.

Eris said...

Give it a shot and update us later. Nice pictures... did you get a new camera? ~

Numismatist Facts said...

No, my new Christmas lens lets me take macro (close-up) shots that are so fun. Maybe Muriel and I can get a new one at the same time!

Stef said...

I was gonna say, how much cents does that add up to? How funny.