Friday, February 29, 2008

A giggle for Eris

A mother always loves to hear that she was right. Cruise over to Eris' blog and look at the upper right corner where there is a list of "Things the Numismatist was right about". (Oh, I love this list!) The above photo is regarding #5. Unfortunately, the photo doesn't show the entire dress. It got better the higher it went! I believe this dress (and it was rented -on purpose!) caused the only tears on her wedding day. The rest of us were in "Sunday Best". We have all laughed ever since then.

Athena and gang are in Las Vegas having the times of their lives enjoying the Nascar races and flying high above the Stratosphere. Eris is tending Cholla (who is pooping all over) and also having a rough week at school. I hope this post brings a smile to her face. Things will work out, they always do. Just ask Mr. Eris.



Muriel said...

I cannot believe I hadn't heard this story until last month. And I can't believe this really happened, but I can't say I was surprised. Still, classic.

Loki said...

I wasn't sure if it really existed...the dress, the infamous (that's more than famous) dress. One of the iconic legends of our time.

Eris said...

Yes, it is more than famous. I needed that giggle.

PS - You can now add "chewed a hole in the bathroom door" to the list of things Cholla did at Aunt Eris's house this weekend. She's so special.