Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bad words

I got up this morning ready to run for the first time in over a week. Put all the layers of clothes on and headed out to the kitchen. Hmmmm, it looked dark outside. Looked out the front window and started shouting lots of bad words. Who ordered all this snow, anyway? My car hadn't even been out of the garage since Saturday afternoon. Come to think of it, I hadn't left my house since last Saturday! Enough! Enough! I ended up going to the pool/gym to work out. Aarrgghh.

Just to brighten your day:

$.90 (over the last week)


cuz2u said...

ok- now who is hanging so happily from the door jam. And who is with Gram I believe.

Eris said...

Yeh, that would be me hanging by my overalls. I'm sure I was being unjustly punished for something.

Muriel said...

That looks like Athena on the left and judging my age, either you or me on the right.

Eris said...

Considering that the baby on the right looks just like all your babies, Meemoo, I'm guessing it's you.

Numismatist Facts said...

The date on the back of the photo is June 1974 so that probably means it is Muriel. I wasn't sure until I checked again.
I'm also not sure why I would have been in Nampa at that time.
Gram was probably the most prim and proper woman I ever had the pleasure to know.

Eris said...

Odd. People say the same about me.