Friday, February 15, 2008

It's hard to go back

Yesterday we left Mesa and as usual it was difficult to share that last hug with a friend. However, before we said goodbye Les and I made plans for next year in Hawaii. We drove south to Ajo in the afternoon and arrived at around 4:30 at the La Siesta Motel. For any of you who have been to Grouse Creek you would love our little cabin. Seriously, it is just like the shed at the ranch, same size with an added small bathroom and a microwave and small fridge. It is very comfortable and quiet.

This morning we headed for the border. Along the way we stopped in Why to take a look at our houses. The little house pictured below was actually in fairly good shape, much better than when the aging hippies who bought it from us lived there. It was fun to see how all of our landscaping had grown. Even the block border that I put around the house was still there. I won't post a photo of the big house because it is a mess. The carport in front is filled with junk. Very sad.

I have been surprised at my emotions on this trip. We spent quite a few years working on these two houses and enjoying this area. Those years were a lot of work and involved long hours of travel but we really loved it. I miss it. Do I want to do it again? Probably not.

The little jaunt to Sonoita took only about five hours, and that included an absolutely awful lunch at what used to be our favorite restaurant. When Mike won't finish what he ordered you KNOW it is bad. Also, it was cold and rainy. Since discovering Hawaii the charm of Mexico has dwindled.

Tomorrow I will be spending the day with Lolo and that should be fun. This little town has a wonderful quilt shop and a couple of thrift stores. Also, the big weekend entertainment here is garage sales and Lolo claims to know where all of the good ones are.

We are planning on heading north Sunday morning around 4 am. which will put us home in the late afternoon or evening. My rear end hurts just thinking about it. I miss you all.

Post script: Okay, a day at the zoo with my own grandkids will be happening in the next few months. Thanks for the guilt trip, Eris.


Athena said...

It's nice to know that guilt trips go both ways!

Eris said...

I've been waiting for one of those to work!