Thursday, February 14, 2008

at the zoo

I heard that it snowed back home today. I'm sorry.

Les and I had a great day with Pohai at the Phoenix Zoo. I have never been a great fan of zoos (just ask my grandkids how many times I have taken them) but it was still fun to watch a 3 year old see the real animals for the first time.

And to watch another Grandma share the experience with her granddaughter.
Lots of things to see, hear and taste.

After the zoo we all went out for Greek food, the best I have ever had, and then back home for some fun newborn photos.
Les and I may be getting older but we still recognize a hot guy when we see him. This guy was almost as cute as the speedo man in St. Thomas.



Athena said...

Could this be Rusty?

Numismatist Facts said...

Hey, I thought he looked familiar!

Muriel said...

I wonder if he's European??

What kind of bribes would it take for me take advantage of your photography talent??

Eris said...

Hey! You went to the zoo?! I knew you were trying to replace me, but taking other grandkids to the zoo?! Gheez!

cuz2u said...

Hey it doesn't look like he is wearing any underwear. I see London I see France I don't see any underpants. yuck.