Sunday, May 4, 2008


I love Sunday mornings. They are quiet and peaceful. While Zeus is at his chosen place of contemplation and learning I am at the same time enjoying my own version of meditation. The streets are deserted and the roosters are crowing. For over an hour I can sort through the happenings of the last week and try to get mentally primed for the days ahead. Past audasticles and truthiness are put into proper perspective and I always feel better by the time I walk through the front door of my home.

This morning was especially pleasant. After a week of being unable to run I was finally able to put a few miles on my shoes. The pavement felt good, even at walking speed. It hasn't been this sunny for months but it's now warm enough to put the turtlenecks and earmuffs away until next winter.

Yep, I love Sunday mornings.


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