Tuesday, June 24, 2008


For the last two months Zeus has been forwarding travel promos to me. I always look at them and then take a quick look at the calendar to see when we can get out of here for a few days. So far no place has been irresistible or there aren't enough consecutive days available.

This morning I woke up very upset. We had just 20 minutes to get to the airport or our flight to Hawaii would be missed. The bags were still unpacked and for some reason there were lots of people in the house that I couldn't get to leave. Of course, it was a nightmare, but at the same time also a wake-up call.

I guess it's time to make a decision. Two magazines that have come to the house in the last week have had numerous references to the Big Island and places that I want to see again. I want to snorkel and swim with the big turtles. My mouth waters for a fresh Pina Colada. Every time I turn around I am seeing something that makes me think of what is waiting for us. It is very hot here, 100's expected next week, and the shave ice places are on every corner. Unfortunately, they just aren't the same as that wicked thing (the Volcano?) that I was introduced to last time in Kauai. Each time I turn on the computer the weather report for Hilo, all 70s, comes up to taunt me. The final straw occurred yesterday. While stalking a blog, can't remember which one, the writer used the phrase "stink eye". I love that descriptive expression.

A few days ago while driving down south near the airport I wondered what it would be like to just spontaneously jump on a plane and show up in Hilo at Les' door. We all know that Eddie would go!

Hey Les!!!. Is my room ready?



Athena said...

I can be packed and to your house in 30 minutes!

Lesli said...

YES! YES! YES! I went snorkeling the other day at a beautiful spot 15 minutes from home, and was thinking that it'll be a great spot for us to hang out and check out the surfer dudes. The fish and coral was also amazing. BTW, I love your website and thanks for the info about Diane's father-in-law.

Numismatist Facts said...

Nice try, Athena! Even Zeus knows that there is a good chance he will not be invited for the entire trip, especially now that Les is talking about checking out the surfer dudes!

Athena said...


Muriel said...

I need to know somebody in Hawaii.