Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How long will this last?

Last week I took Little and Littlest to our local park for a Happy Meal lunch (ewww) and some time on the playground. They had a ball playing together for about an hour. When I looked at the images this was one that caught my eye. I immediately sent them on to Athena and Eris with the question "How long will this last?" They both had interesting responses.

An annoying thing happened while we were at the park. There was a little boy, about 3 years old who kept spitting on the slippery slide that Littlest was using. I quietly asked him not to do it anymore, not once, but three times. His mother was sitting about fifteen feet away totally engrossed in a book and not paying attention to her two kids. The fourth time I made sure she heard me. Looking back, I'm positive the book she was reading was that evil vampire book "Twilight".

So, how long?



Muriel said...

Oh give her another day and she'll be done with the book. But that's not the question to which you were referring, right?

Eris said...

Once she finishes Twilight, she'll start the others and have perfectly good reasons to ignore her kids again.

The affection between the Little and Littlest Ms. Erises only lasts as long as the camera is on them. They are already fighting and scratching.