Monday, June 2, 2008

A view from the deck

In my backyard I have a patch of wild roses. When we built our home four years ago I discovered these roses along the canal bank that used to run behind the house.

Last year the canal was piped in preparation for the rest of the subdivision that will be built behind us. For some reason this patch of wild roses survived all of the heavy machinery that kept us entertained (and dusty) for a month. The roses didn't bloom last year, which I expected, but nevertheless I kept them watered and pampered.

This year we have a beautiful patch of wild roses to look at from our deck. We also have an incredible view of the majestic mountain peak Ben Lomond. It's June and there is still snow up there. My guess is that the snow will be gone by the 15th if it ever warms up.

When we purchased this lot we knew that homes would eventually go in and that would mean losing a portion of our breathtaking scenery. They have now started homes on the east and west ends of the street behind us. It looks like we will be able to enjoy one more summer out on the deck looking up at the hills before the inevitable happens and we get neighbors behind us. In the meantime, this is the view from my chair on the deck.

Guess I better enjoy the roses while I still have them.

Note: I am considering selling tickets to those who would like to sit on our deck with a cool glass of lemonade to watch the tanned, shirtless construction guys work their muscles. For your viewing convenience I can provide a spotting scope and/or binoculars. For those of you who live far away I might consider putting a long lens on my camera and emailing.



Eris said...

Ah, I remember afternoons watching the guys work on the house next door to you. Those were the days.... sigh.

Athena said...

I can get you a list of good job sites to scope out. However, safety comes first. Shirts must be worn. Bummer.