Tuesday, November 6, 2007


This is scary. One of the things that I have learned in my life is to NEVER write things down that could get me in trouble. Anyone who is reading this has also been a witness to this little bit of wisdom. So why am I doing this?

I don't keep a diary. I take photographs. These photos are my way of bragging about the people and things who are important to me. Continuously bragging about how wonderful my kids and grandkids are must get tiresome to others, especially those who have their own bragging to do. Also, there are a few people that I love (Lolo and FN, are you there?) who live far away that might appreciate some of these images.

It might take awhile to get comfortable with this. Any suggestions (gently, please) would be greatly appreciated.



Eris said...

Looks AWESOME. And I love the sight name.

Will you be bragging in every post about your daily cash total? Show-off.

C&K Finley said...

I'm here!

Your cash total beats the crap out of the nickle I found today!