Sunday, November 18, 2007


Twenty-six years ago I started a new job as a teacher's aide in a school for children with disabilities. The teacher I was assigned to work with assumed that I knew what I was doing. In the first week she asked me to be in charge of "gross motor activities". "Okay", I told her, not having the slightest clue what gross motor meant. She was very patient with me for the first year as I learned the ropes. The next three years we shared a classroom and soon became good friends.

Best friends are there for each other every step of the way. They stick together through thick and thin. Together we have been through many trials as well incredibly happy times. We have seen divorces, deaths of fathers, problems with children and many changes in life situations. She kept me out of jail (sugar in the gas tank of a red 300Z) and introduced me to wine coolers. She was a huge support while I was in college and shared my happiness when I got married. We have shared the delights of each other's grandchildren. Last year we celebrated our "25th anniversary" as friends, complete with silly silver gifts.

My friend has patience and the ability to forgive like no other person I have ever met. I marvel at this. Over the years she has listened to my endless stream of rants and raves. She was never judgemental when I did totally stupid things, and there were plenty of those.

Today is my friend's 70th birthday. She is a very young 70. (Most are shocked to hear her age.) Last week I spent three days in Nevada with her wonderful 89 year old mother Phyllis. Now I know that I can look forward to at least another 19 years of this friendship, assuming that she continues to keep me out of jail.

Call your best friend today.

BFF: Best Friends forever





Eris said...

Happy Bday Jan! And thanks for keeping Mom out of jail, although that Z deserved a whole bag of sugar.

Oh, and what exactly do you mean by "problems with children?"

Athena said...

Eris you were quite a challenge!