Monday, November 26, 2007

Counting the days

Two nights ago while helping Mom remove many years of accumulated "stuff" from her bedroom my sister and I were looking through boxes of Mom and Dad's treasures. Many of these treasures had been out of sight since he passed away 12 years ago. I told my sister a story of something that happened at Dad's last Christmas and she has given me permission to repeat this and post these photos. (Sorry, K)

The Christmas of 1994 was hard on Dad. He was struggling with many health problems. His tradition was always to go shopping right before Christmas, usually the day before. That year I picked him up and took him to the mall so he could find a gift for Mom. He wandered around and around and just couldn't seem to find the right thing for her. After what seemed like hours I finally was able to steer him to a nice robe and we headed to the checkout counter. As we passed by the costume jewelry he stopped at a table and looked for a long time at some boxes. The one he picked up was a simple brooch of the letter "K". I remember asking him if he wanted to get one for all the girls and he said "no". (Dad was a man of few words.) Those two gifts were the only ones that he purchased. I'm told that Special K cherishes this pin.

Special K, we are all counting the days until you get here for the holidays! Get ready to party!
Correction: K just told me that it was a bracelet, not a brooch.



Eris said...

Sorry K?!?! How about a warning next time. Now I have to go to class with a big, red, swollen face from bawling.

Dang-it, if he wasn't the best.

Athena said...

Wow and I didn't even cry. Maybe Santa should bring me a heart!