Thursday, November 8, 2007

Letters and Numbers

Each time my daughters get together I am even more amazed that they came from the same gene pool. Although we try to deny this fact it has given us more than a few chuckles. They are different in so many ways that no one would guess that they are indeed sisters. With Eris' (the Goddess of Chaos) permission I would like to give her sister the title of Athena, the Goddess of War and Order. Athena is well know for her leadership in battles and insists on order in all things.

Athena is short, brunette and has short fingers and toes. Eris is tall, blond and has long fingers and toes. Their philosophies on life are as opposite as their physical characterists. Athena loves Nascar, Eris can't get enough of politics.

Last week I realized that these two Goddesses are different in one other way. Athena is blessed with the powers of numbers. She loves to play with them in many different ways and has used this ability in her successes at employment. This power reaches the bizarre level when she recites old license plate numbers and very old telephone numbers. (I have a tough time with my address because it has more than five numbers!) Athena's children seem to be similarly talented.

Eris is likewise blessed, but with the power of letters. She can read a textbook and retain the information, all while watching TV (and she enjoys it!). She read the latest Harry Potter in a day. (It will take me months to get through this book.) Her achievements in education is proof of her uncanny abilities. Eris' children also are letter people.

As you can tell from the photo, Numbers and Letters don't always get along. Obviously, the Goddess of Chaos was trying to mess up the play toys of the Goddess of Order. The ensuing battle was probably won by Athena by using her talents at war. This is one of my favorite photos!

In spite of their differences these two get along surprising well.
It is always a riot when they get together. Unfortunately, one of their favorite activities is making fun of me!

Can't wait until Poker night tomorrow!

11-07 $1.38
11-08 $.09


The Duchess said...

Welcome to the blogosphere...if Eris and Athena are your daughters, then you are Hera!

Eris said...

This is also one of my favorite photos. It does a very good job of representing my first 16 years of life. Then I realized Athena is short and I am NOT.

Athena said...

Ok. I did it. I now have an account.

The more I think about it the more I have come to love and accept the name.

With my ability to find order and sense in most things my new name definitely has order and is perfect, it's a pattern! A-THEN-A.

Athena said...

K, I totally dislike they way it posted my cool pattern. . . .


I now feel better.