Saturday, November 24, 2007

Record Lows

I left the house this morning at 6:45 a.m. and the temp outside was probably around 15 degrees. An extra undershirt and leggings would keep me warm, along with added gloves and a thinsulate stocking cap. Last year I did 19 degrees so this didn't scare me too much. The full moon was still up and gorgeous, a perfect time to be out on the quiet streets.

Went through Taco Time. Zero. Wendy's. Zero. McDonald's. One penny. Okay, on to the good place, Blockbuster. One penny. 7-11, usually worth some good silver, zero. And so it went on for my one hour on the streets.

The grand total for the morning: eight cents! That is less than I found in the sleepy little town of Yerington last week. Weekends are usually quite lucrative, especially on holidays. Add to that all the shopping that supposedly was being done yesterday and I was all set for a large total. Go figure. The only thing I came home with (besides an embarassing eight pennies) was a very cold right thigh where those measly coins were in the pocket.

Come on folks!! Get out here and drop some silver! It's too cold to go out for this paltry amount. Now I am off to spend a few hours helping Mom clean out her overflowing clothes closets. Maybe some pennies have fallen out of her pockets onto the closet floor.

Thanksgiving day: $1.18
Today: $00000.08

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