Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Backyard Entertainers

Not much goes on in this neighborhood. It is very quiet and sedate (usually) and our summer nights are spent lounging on the deck enjoying the wildlife. For the last two years we have kept bird feeders that have to be filled every morning. Each spring the birds come back and bring their friends with them. Being next to a vacant field we are entertained by finches, cowbirds, blackbirds, robins and doves. Lots of doves. LOTS of doves that are getting very FAT. They roam around under the bird feeders and pick up what is dropped on the ground like little vacuum cleaners. In the morning I wake to a symphony of cooing and chirping right outside my bedroom window

At the right is our hummingbird, Poco Verde. His favorite perch is on top of the cage that is filled with brilliant red coleus. If I go out on the deck and call his name he will be sitting on one of the hooks within five minutes. In the last week his mate has started to take turns coming to visit. Lee, our resident bird expert tells us that there is probably a nest nearby and that little hummingbabies might someday show up as well.

Occasionally a pheasant will come by to feed and hang out in the wild roses. The ducks fly overhead and also nest in the neighborhood. It is not uncommon to see them walking down the streets or across a lawn early in the mornings with a line of ducklings marching behind. Of course, there are other creatures that wander around. The skunk that pranced through the back yard two weeks ago had me scrambling for the door and holding my breath that it was not as scared as I was! Also, I believe that there was a snake in the roses last week because that night the birds wouldn't land on the ground within 10 feet.

But seriously, that lurking cat has got to go. The day I find loose feathers is the day the trap comes out.

Nature photography is not one of my strengths but if you are interested you can see more of our birds at my Shooting site.



cuz2u said...

Very beautiful pictures. I enjoy looking at them. You are an awesome photographer.

KFinley said...

I have no idea why you say you aren't a good nature photographer - these are amazing! I love them! I feel like I am looking through the different months on a really glossy calendar!