Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fantasy gone awry

This morning I turned the corner at 7-11 and there was Fidel talking on the pay phone at the front of the building. My undercover instincts instantly kicked in so I surreptitiously crept over to where I could hear his side of the conversation.

Turns out Fidel's real name is VINNIE and I believe he is from CHICAGO! He was talking to his brotha about his motha. I don't know whether I am more intrigued now or just plain disappointed.

By the way, I noticed that he carries a reusable grocery bag, coordinating khaki of course. At least he's concerned about the size of his carbon footprint, a big plus in his favor. That might also explain the same grimy pants and shirt. Must conserve water.
See ya next week, Vinnie.



Muriel said...


I wouldn't have pegged him as a member of the mafioso.

Oh what the hey, fuh gid a boud it.

Eris said...

Ok, so instead of a commie you are hangning out with a good fella? Sure can pick em.

"Oh yeah. You blend."

Muriel said...

I love you Eris. You are one of the only ones who gets my movie taste.

Karen said...

Oh man! I admit that I'm disappointed because there are a lot of Vinnies around but not many Fidels. Rats. Ah well - he'll always be Fidel in my mind ;-)

It's still interesting to know that he color coordinates his outfits with the reusable grocery sack LOL