Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy 21st to Athena!

Happy birthday to Athena! Just to freak her out I will mention that I was only three years older than Bubba is when she made her impatient entrance into the world! Oh wait, that freaks ME out!

You can read about her goddess name here. She has relished a good fight right from the first moments of her life. For the first week she resembled Oblio (hey, he was cute!) but soon turned into an adorable baby who captured the hearts of her grandparents and never gave it back.

Life is never dull with Athena around. From staying up all night reading telephone books (ask her about that one, no, don't ask!) to knocking down walls in her living room (awesome results), you must always expect the unexpected.

It has been entertaining to watch her go through the various phases of her life. Probably the most fun is watching her be a mother to Jubee, a miniature Athena. Now I also get to watch her successes in a career that was custom made for her. Working in the construction industry... a perfect match! Somewhere there is a photo of her in a hard hat. Come on Athena, post it on your new blog!

Thanks for making us proud parents! And grandparents! See ya tonight for cake and ice cream! I love you!

(You can thank Eris for requesting the bejewelled photo. And thank Zeus for the hearts!)



athena said...

Thank goodness for photoshop! I will be sure to post the requested picture.

Thanks Mom!

Eris said...

Happy Birthday - and yes, as long as you are 21 and can drink that means I am 18 and can vote... rock on!!

cuz2u said...

Happy Happy birthday glad we became friends and remained family. You're great.