Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to Mom

Get ready. This is a busy week in our family for birthdays, starting out on the 23rd with my Mom. She was raised on a country farm with two brothers and two sisters. At the age of 17, shortly after graduating from high school she married Dad. Together they raised three daughters.

Service has been a large part of her life. When I was a young girl she was a Pink Lady at our local hospital and donated many hours of her time. After retiring she returned to volunteering, this time serving as the President a couple of times and also many years on the Board of Directors. I'm not sure but I believe she has about 55 years and a gazillion hours logged in to the Auxiliary.

Mom also has dedicated her life to her family. During a particularly tough time in my life Mom and Dad were there to pick up the pieces, offer support and to help me raise Athena and Eris. I will be forever grateful for that.

The phases of her life have all included children, and even now she is dedicated to her seven grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. They all love to visit "Grandmama's house".

Thanks Mom, for everything. See ya at the pool in the morning!

I love you!



Eris said...

Favorite Grandma story: After she had injured her back (surgery, maybe?) we were working on a jigsaw puzzle in the kitchen when Grandpa came in and said, "Are we ready to go get the firewood?" Grandma's response? "Darrell have you got a turd in your pocked?"

Ha! I love that saying, but it doesn't come in handy as often as you might think.

Happy Birthday Grandma!!

Daybreak*Dawning said...

Beautiful mum! KalamaQuilts

Goddess said...

Thank you for leaving these fun insights to a person I have been wanting to become reacquainted with.

Our Mom didn't understand the lovely gift you left for her, but I did. I enjoyed your blogs a LOT!

Karen said...

I missed her birthday so happy belated! I'll catch up with her next week.

I love the photos and I can see a lot of you in the first photo :-) Precious!