Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another year for Mr. Eris

Everyone who thought that this photo is Mr. Eris, Jr. please raise your hand. Aha, I believe that was unanimous.
Happy birthday to you! When Eris introduced you to us we knew you were a keeper. One of the first things you did was introduce us to soccer and have been patient all of these years in trying to explain what off-sides means. Someday maybe I'll get it. It also took me quite a few years learn that many things that come out of your mouth have a high probability of not being true. I have to think twice before taking you seriously. You are extremely patient with your in-laws, as well as Eris and the kids and that is a quality we admire.
Things are never quiet when Mr. Eris is around. This image with Bubba was taken in 1997 after the two discovered a large puddle of water and Mr. just couldn't resist the temptation to demonstrate what little boys are supposed to do in them. After splashing all of the water out of it they got a hose and filled it again so they could jump some more. Was anyone surprised? Not a bit.

Just so you know, I miss you at the pool this year. For the last two years Mr. Eris and I spent countless days there with the kids. This year it is Eris' turn to be home.

Hope your birthday is a happy one!


C&K Finley said...

Definitely a keeper! I know he was one of my first crushes! Happy Birthday Mr. Eris - sorry I'm not there to wrap your presents!

cuz2u said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope good stuff happens to you tonight heehee!!!

Muriel said...

Happy Birthday! Wish we could celebrate with you. I know! Let's all take a trip to Santa Maria. Have your people call my people.