Friday, July 25, 2008

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Princess Turns One!

By royal decree, the Princess is turning a year old today! Can it be that just a year ago we were finally able to breathe a great sigh of relief when the tiny little Princess made her appearance? But oh, what a beauty. The look of absolute wonder on the Duke's face the moment he saw her for the first time will stay with me forever. It was a long road to get her here for this family, but well worth it.

Describing the Princess is not difficult. The saphire blue eyes are the first thing that you notice and then it is the constant smile on her face. I've never seen a happier or more contented baby. Or healthier. She is pure delight.

It has been fun to watch her parents navigate successfully through this first year of parenthood. They have endured my teasing about what will happen if and when another child joins their family, a child that is normal. You know, one that cries for no reason, fusses when cutting teeth, gets earaches and throws tantrums. Normal.

Zeus and I will take grandchildren any way they come to us. It has been a joy to share the Princess with the rest of her grandparents. We certainly hope that they are all having a wonderful time celebrating this milestone! But please hurry back because we miss you!

We love you, Princess!


Update: The Duchess just called to let me know that the Princess had a wonderful birthday and was appropriately loved by all of her New York grandparents. The Duke is apparently not thrilled about the gift that I sent, a package of hair accessories. Oh dear. To quote the Duchess, "The gauntlet has been thrown". She will never leave here again without ribbons!
Also, she is now walking everywhere and has plenty of bruises to show for it.

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